Year 6 Class Page

Welcome to Year 6

Teachers: Miss Taylor and Miss Bowkett

Teaching Assistant: Mrs McNally


This terms topic is World War Two. Our topic outline is attached below if you would like to take a look!


Homework -  Handed out each night and expected back the next day, unless informed otherwise.


Flipped Classroom

Flipped classroom is something we introduced into Year 6 last year and it has had a huge impact on children's learning. Flipping a classroom is an affective process where the children take home work to complete before it is covered the following day. This process allows more teaching time at school with the teacher.

In reading we ask the children to read a short piece of text and then answer three questions. When the children come in to school the following day we don't need to read the text in lesson time and we use the answers from the three questions to identify what the children need to be taught. 

In maths we look at how to solve a particular mathematic problem. The children are asked to watch a video clip specific to this problem which covers the understanding needed and the strategy that can be used. The children then try to answer a few questions to show us what they understand and are able to do. The children then bring in these answers the next day and we use this to identify the areas that need to be taught.

Flipped learning gives us more time to teach, tailoring our teaching to specifically support the learning need.  Last year, flipped learning resulted in a huge amount of progress in both reading and math’s. 

If you have any questions, please ask. You can speak to the year six teachers on the yard each morning, attend one of the open classroom events, or come along to a parent workshop where we explain things in even more detail.


Here's what we've been up to...

Week 5 (Term 6) - 2.7.18

Another brilliant week with lots going on. Most of us have had our transition to secondary school, which was very successful. Some of us have had the opportunity to officially open The Vale Park – a lovely experience for us to be involved in. Delta games was a huge success. Everyone was very well behaved and really enjoyed themselves. We have built our very own natural habitats on the school field; hopefully we can attract more wildlife to our school grounds.

Shining Star - Owen



Week 4 (Term 6) - 25.6.18

It's the final few weeks for Year 6 and they are almost ready for secondary school. This week we have been preparing for our leavers assembly and continuing our hard work with Challenge X. In maths, we have been engaging our brains with challenging code problems. We have shown resilience and have enjoyed rising to the challenge. Please can I remind you that Year 6 need their PE kits in everyday as we will be doing it at various points in the week.

Shining Star - Lacie


Week 3 (Term 6) - 18.6.18

A fantastic week of writing, Challenge X and leaver’s preparation. In writing we have composed our leaver’s assembly poem and have re-written the introductory chapter to Alex Rider’s Stormbreaker. Year 6 have incorporated appropriate word choices – something we’ve focused on over the year. In Challenge X, we have continued to support children in all other year groups, after all we are the experts!

Shining Star - Demi


Week 2 (Term 6) - 11.6.18

Writing has been in full flow this week; we have been writing an incident report based on the story of Goldilocks. Year 6 have worked hard to include creative and meaningful vocabulary choices to improve the level of their writing. In Challenge X we have distributed ourselves across the academy to assist in other year groups. Our role – as the experts – is to help the younger pupils with their thought processes and inform/create their next learning steps. Year 6 have really impressed all teachers with their attitudes and their ability to help the younger children, something for them to all be very proud of.

Shining Star - Lillie K


Week 1 (Term 6) - 4.6.18

Welcome back Year 6. It's been lovely to see everyone come back into school looking rested and refreshed. In writing this week, we have been drafting balanced arguments on the topic 'should school uniforms be compulsory in schools?' We have worked hard to think about thoughtful and powerful opinions on both sides of the argument then write it using a range of appropriate conjunctions, punctuation and our non-negotiables. In PE, we have continued with Kwick cricket, something we are all really enjoying.

Shining Star: Ella Shackleton


Week 6 (Term 5) - 21.5.18

This week Year 6 have been working incredibly hard. We have written two fantastic pieces of writing; a story and a diary entry. We have looked specifically at vocabulary choice, used of grammar and the effect punctuation has on their writing. Challenge X has begun. We have researched Latitude festival and created a presentation of our findings. We have also begun to look at Aboriginal art work, thinking about the meanings behind the work. Another brilliant PE session. Please ensure PE kits are in school at all times, thank you.

Shining Star: Amelia Taylor



Week 5 (Term 5) - 14.5.18

SATs week has been brilliant. The hard work that they have been putting into our learning has been put into practice with resilience and a true strength of character. They have kept focused, even when they have come across challenges. The positivity within our classroom has been magical to see and we are incredibly proud of each and every one of our class. With the tests being over the celebrations could begin and all of their hard work can be rewarded. From all of the staff and your teachers, we are so proud of you all Year 6!!

Shining Star - All of Year 6


Week 4 (Term 5) - 7.5.18

In the final week before SATs, Year 6 have given all they’ve got, showing resilience, drive and positive attitudes. We have continued to prepare and get our brains in gear, ready for next week. In reading, we have been discussing different texts and the skills we need to answer a variety of questions. In maths we have been smashing our arithmetic and have continued to unpick tricky reasoning questions. In PE we played football rounders and everybody thoroughly enjoyed playing in teams. Have a rested weekend Year 6, ready for the busy week ahead.

Shining Star - Caridee

Week 3 (Term 5) - 30.4.18

A positive week in Year 6 again. We have worked on shape and statistics in our maths. In reading we have continued to develop and apply our skills to new and unfamiliar texts. In PE we have been using apparatus in creative and original ways.

Shining Star - Lacie



Week 2 (Term 5) - 23.4.18

All of the children have been working super hard this week, really focusing on shape, space and measure. We’ve also been looking at all aspects of spelling, punctuation and grammar and identifying them in texts. In PE we’ve been working as part of a team in bench ball and have shown brilliant sportsmanship.

Shining Star - Mackenzie Maddison


Week 1 (Term 5) - 16.4.18

The children are working really hard in the run up to their SATs, beating their personal best in their arithmetic scores and continuing to work on their reasoning. In reading, we have focused on poetry and had a go at Karaoke Comprehension, which we’ve really enjoyed. In PE, we worked in teams collaboratively in bench ball. As of next week, can all children have their PE kits in school every day with trainers as PE day may change due to the weather.

Shining Star - Lily Davey

Week 5 (Term 4) - 26.3.18

We’ve had a brilliant end to the term in Year 6 this week. We are continuing to work hard on both our reading and Maths by taking responsibility for our own learning and understanding how we work best. In our afternoons, we had a slight problem when Miss Bowkett gave us a challenge to complete, but then she stopped talking and we had to work as a team with no help. By doing this, we are beginning to develop our independence, resilience, teamwork and communication skills in order to collaborate successfully. Have a great break. We look forward to seeing you at Easter boosters.

Shining Star - Jobe Burden


Week 4 (Term 4) - 19.3.18

It’s been assessment week in Year 6 this week and everybody has given their all. We’ve been watching the children work through their assessments applying all the skills they have learnt this year. Our phrase of the week has been ‘Let’s keep working hard and we’ll succeed’. In PE this week we have played bench ball and thinking about how we can work collaboratively in a team – the outcome has been brilliant. Keep up the hard work Year 6, we’re nearly there.

Shining Star - Jobe Burden


Week 3 (Term 4) - 12.3.18

We are working Year 6 incredibly hard at the minute and they are constantly rising to the challenge. In reading we are still focusing on the application of their skills to the text, and are starting to think about which test technique suits them the best. In arithmetic we have been challenging ourselves to beat our previous scores and we’re showing huge improvements. In reasoning we have be working together to unpick and understand what the question is asking us. Well done everyone.

Shining Star - Jake Smith


Week 2 (Term 4) - 5.3.18

This week in year 6 we have been working hard on our resilience and attitude towards our learning – it is constantly improving and we’re so proud. In maths we have continued to develop our reasoning skills, and have been focusing on arithmetic challenges to beat our scores. In reading we have become more and more independent, become more confident with using  our skills and have had a positive  attitude. Great attendance this  week for boosters!

Shining Star - Declan MacDonald


Week 1 (Term 4) - 26.2.18

What an eventful week we’ve had in year 6. We started off the week working incredibly hard focusing on: the use and application of our reading skills, reasoning with measurement, exploration of vocabulary and arithmetic. With a mini snow break in the middle, we’ve come back today with a positive attitude towards our learning. We hope everyone had a safe and exciting few days at home in the snow, and keep up all of your hard work Year 6.


Week 6 (Term 3) - 12.2.2018

A fantastic week to end our term. We’ve been deepening our understanding of reasoning in maths, thinking about what the question is asking us to do, and using the bar method to display our thought processes. In reading we have been focusing on the application of our skills to non-fiction texts. We had a blast with Dan the Skipping Man and have enjoyed being involved in creating a stall for the Chinese Festival. Another incredible term Year 6, both of us are so proud of how hard you’re working and showing resilience when it gets tricky. Have a really restful week off like you all deserve.  

Shining Star - Vinnie Hodgson


Week 5 (Term 3) - 5.2.2018

Another great week in Year 6. We have been applying our comprehension skills in context to a variety of text types. We have explored approaches to challenging problems in Maths. E-safety day was a huge success; through fantastic discussion, it was clear that we are can communicate mature and thoughtful ideas/opinions. In PE we did some team building exercises.

Shining Star - Isabel Blacker


Week 4 (Term 3) - 29.1.2018

It's been assessment week and we've shown such resilience and a real sense of positivity. We have risen to the challenges and made ourselves incredibly proud. It's been National Story Telling week and we had the opportunity to have story sessions with other teachers and a workshop with a poet; which we really enjoyed. Again, we have had brilliant creative knowledge builders created at home to support our understanding of basic mathematical facts - keep them coming. Really impressed with out attitude towards our learning, and we hope it continues to grow.

Shining Star - Morgan Curtis


Week 3 (Term 3) - 22.1.2018

This week we have been looking at how we find percentages of numbers. We have been incredibly resilient and worked hard to use our knowledge to problem solve. In reading we have been focusing on the meaning behind the text; thinking about what certain phrases suggest about the character or setting. We have worked collaboratively in our topic, creating independent learning and have gained a depth of knowledge about the events of WW2. Once again, we have had focused booster sessions and we’ve been working incredibly hard, rising to the growing challenges of Year 6.

Shining Star - Bevan Lord


Week 2 (Term 3) - 15.1.2018

We’ve had brilliant opportunities this week, not only have we been a part of a workshop by Bethzienna, we had the chance to perform our own song at the First World War’s 100th Year Commemoration! I was incredibly  proud of the attitude and maturity of our class and it was a magical event to  involved in.  Creative homework has continued to flourish also, so much so, we are displaying it all over  our classroom! Another great week, let’s keep  up the hard work. 

Shining Star - Morgan Curtis


Week 1 (Term 3) - 8.1.2018 Robinwood

What a fantastic first week back we have had in Year 6. Everybody has come back to school with the mind-set to work incredibly hard! In reading, we have focused on the meaning of vocabulary, in writing, we’ve begun to write short action stories and in maths, we have investigated coordinates and angles. World War 2 is our topic for the term – and what excitement we have had already! The air raid siren has sounded on a number of occasions; allowing us to feel fully immersed in our learning. 

Shining Star - Jake Smith


Week 8 (Term 2) - 18.12.2017

It’s been a hectic but great end to such a fantastic term! We’ve written hilarious recounts, ‘A day in the life of an elf’, and have let loose our balloons. The adverts are ready too and the effort and energy children have shown towards them has been incredibly rewarding.  A huge well done to all Year 6 that assisted with the German Market, it was a raging  success and you did yourselves proud. You also did yourselves proud in our  first ever Christingle service. 


Week 7 (Term 2) - 11.12.2017

In Maths this week we have been exploring circles and have begun to develop an understanding of statistics. In Reading we have be focusing on the 2a domain and adding to our plot threads. In writing we have written some hilarious recounts from a perspective of a grumpy elf! In our topic we have continued to  film our adverts and have  been preparing like champions  for the upcoming German Market! 

Shining Star: Ella Shackleton


Week 6 (Term 2) - 4.11.2017

In year 6 this week we’ve absolutely smashed our assessments! We’ve shown resilience and determination to achieve our best and it’s really paid off. In writing we’ve continued to edit and improve our poems in preparation for the big release. In topic we have completed our storyboards for our adverts ready to start filming next week! The ideas and enthusiasm coming from year 6 about their adverts is incredible and I’m sure the outcome of the adverts will be brilliant! Keep up the hard work! 

Shining Star - Luca Manfredi


Week 5 (Term 2) - 27.11.2017

We’ve had an exciting week…not only have we come across a balloon with a poem attached, we have decided to write our own and let them off to see how far they travel! In Maths we have been recapping addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. In Reading we have focused on find and retrieval which has involved us creating freeze frames. In topic we have launched the idea of ‘The Vale Christmas Advert’ so watch this space…Another great week, keep up the hard work Year 6. 

Shining Star - Morgan Curtis


Week 4 (Term 2) - 20.11.2017

This week we have been focusing on inference in our reading. We’ve broken down challenging questions and we’ve even been able to P.E.E on our page! In writing we have been exploring newspaper reports, thinking about the structure, grammar and vocabulary choices. In maths we’ve been furthering our knowledge on area, volume and surface area. In topic we have been investigating shadow through dance and shape; Year 6 have seemed to really enjoy it! Another good week, let’s keep up the hard work.

Shining Star - Lillie Knott


Week 3 (Term 2) - 13.11.2017 PE

Year 6 have had an incredible few days at Robinwood! We have pushed ourselves to our limit showing great bravery and teamwork! We had a go at zip wiring, the giant swing, trapeze, canoeing and lots of problem solving games including the dreaded piranha pool… We have all developed our cooperation, listening and teamwork skills which have allowed us to form new and stronger friendships in our class. You did us proud Year 6!

Shining Star - Lily-Mae Lister


Week 2 (Term 2) - 6.11.2017

This week we’ve launched our new reading book ‘A boy in Striped Pyjamas’. We’ve already learnt a great deal about the main character’s personality and have focused on find and retrieval questions. In Maths we have been working hard, developing our understanding of how to find percentages. In writing we have continued to write our letters to Jack, including parenthesis, inverted commas and contractions. We have launched a new focus in topic – something very exciting to come, so keep your eyes peeled!!

Shining Star - Isabel Blacker

Week 1 (Term 2) - 30.10.17

What a week back it’s been!!  Year 6 has sunk straight back onto their routines and are doing so with such pride!  We have ben mastering the art of algebra in Maths, exploring vocabulary in-depth in reading and have begun writing our letters to Jack.  This week has been anti- bullying week and we have had lengthy debates and discussions surrounding the issues.  Children have been incredibly mature on the matter and have created some brilliant leaflets.  Keep up the hard work Year 6!

Shining Star - Declan MacDonald

Week 7 - 16/10/17

Year 6 have had a brilliant first term. We have been working incredibly hard, showing resilience, perseverance and commitment to our learning. This week we have continued to flourish in our reading, specifically working on our ‘find and retrieval’ style questions. In writing we have completed our short stories about Gargoyles. In maths we have focused on decimals, fractions and percentages! A great term Year 6, keep up the hard work!

Shining Star - Ellie Titley


Week 6 - 9/10/17

Year 6 have been to De Lacy and took part in a number of exciting science experiments. We really enjoyed getting involved with science and thrived off of learning new concepts. In writing we have been focusing on writing our story using our story mountain structure. In maths we have been continuing with fractions, however we have now introduced decimals, which we’re loving! In reading we have been exploring inference, ask any of us and we’ll surprise you with our knowledge! 

Shining Star - Nicole Cutts

Week 5 - 2/10/17

What a week it’s been! We have worked incredibly hard in our assessments. We have all had a fabulous attitude towards them, showing great resilience. In writing we have begun our planning for our stories about Gargoyles, all of which showing brilliant imagination. It’s British Values week and we have been discussing and sharing opinions on these with an understanding that others have differing views. Great turn out for boosters again this week, keep it up Year 6!

Shining Star - Coultas McGarry


Week 4 - 25/9/17

In Year 6 this week we have been furthering our understanding of fractions involving the four operations. We’ve worked incredibly hard and shown resilience when it’s felt challenging. In writing we have been focusing on developing our setting descriptions with a focus on personification, expanded noun phrases, prepositional phrases and fronted adverbials. In reading this week we have worked like troopers! Boosters are extremely enthusiastic and we are all so proud. Keep it up Year 6!

Shining Star - Amelia Taylor


Week 3 - 18/9/17

This week we have been focusing on our reading, thinking about how to answer a range of different questions using a variety of skills. In maths we have continued to investigate the four operations which the children have shown great resilience. In topic we have created an advertisement poster for the latest film technology. WOW! Absolutely fantastic turnout for this week’s booster. We are really proud of all the children who gave it their all and the children were loving it!  

Shining Star - Lacie- Mai Gill


Week 2 - 11/9/17

This week Year 6 have been working extremely hard. We have introduced a ‘flipped classroom’, something which was extremely successful last year. In Literacy, we have been writing character descriptions, which the children really enjoyed. They have had to include modal verbs, prepositional phrases and expanded noun phrases. In Maths, we have been solving multi-step word problems including the four operations. In topic, we have created a timeline of the evolution of film, having an insight into motion pictures and how they are created.

Shining Star - Hallie Forey


Week 1 - 4/9/17

Year 6 have returned raring to go with a fabulous attitude towards their learning. We have made a start exploring our new class read 'Stormbreaker'. In Maths we have been exploring place value. We have been writing character descriptions about gargoyles, specifically thinking about descriptive language. Our topic for the term is 'What is Entertainment?' and we have begun to explore what we would like to learn about.

Shining Star - Jessica Hammond


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