Awards and Rewards

Our behaviour system is based on the traffic light system and we call it Good to be Green! Around the academy chidlren are expected to behave in a 'Green' manor. For example, in the corridors, green behaviour is walking sensibly. In the classroom, green behaviour is working hard, listening to others and following instructions. Good to be Green is for everybody, from our youngest Foundation Stage pupils to our oldest Y6!

Inside the classrooms are traffic lights. If a pupil's behaviour is not green, their name is placed in amber, or even red. The teacher will always say to that pupil "To be green you need to...." 

Every adult in every classroom uses Good to be Green. There is consistency right across the academy so all pupils know what green behaviour looks like.

Children can earn themselves Green Points as rewards for being Green around school, trying their best with their work, being poilte etc. These can then be spent at the points shop which is run by the Year 6 children.  

Leading Learners 

Each half term we recognise pupils who are always the shining stars of the academy. We call these pupils Leading Learners. We invite parents/carers to to a special assembly to celebrate their success. Leading Learners must:

  • Have 97% attendance
  • Be always punctual
  • Be evergreen (our word for always showing green behaviour)
  • Always work hard and try their best in all lessons
  • Read regularly at home
  • Regularly complete homework
  • Leading Learners proudly wear star badges on their uniform. 

Leading Learners have orange badges for the autumn term, green badges for spring term, and yellow badges for summer term. 

Leading Learners in Big Bears must:

  • I am keen to join in with everything
  • I play sensibly with everybody
  • I do my best learning at all times  
  • I show green behaviour all the time
  • My parents/carers do everything they so I can come to school every day and on time.