Key Stage One and Two

Throughout Years 1 to 6, teaching and learning is focused around the National Curriculum. Teachers work together to create interesting themes which are based around Geography, History, Science and RE, which use a wide range of resources to motivate and engage the children. The lessons are used to teach basic skills within a context and are linked across all the subjects. These lessons are taught on a rolling basis and are carefully integrated to ensure there is a relationship within each subject.  Teachers’ plan together sharing ideas, knowledge, interest and enthusiasm to ensure an exciting curriculum which is continually planned for progression. The curriculum means that children are encouraged to think creatively, take responsibility for their learning and enhance their understanding through questioning. They are then able to assess their own and each other’s learning, which creates a deeper understanding.


PE and Sports

The school is very fortunate in having good outside facilities for P. E. and games. The school also possesses a large playing field, which is used for a range of sports along with the hall. All the children participate in Sports Day on the school field, taking part in many different activities. There will be opportunities for as many children as possible to represent the school at various sporting tournaments and competitions in the local area.


Our Aims

For every child to experience high quality teaching and learning through the PE curriculum. To be active, engaged and challenged in their learning showing progression as well as developing leadership qualities and coaching skills.

Every child should have the opportunity to experience a variety of sports and activities in and outside of the curriculum, also allowing children the chance to compete.

Children at The Vale Primary Academy will develop a lifelong enjoyment for sport and physical activity as well as an understanding of how to lead an active and healthy lifestyle. 



It is the school’s aim, in line with National Curriculum requirements, to have all children able to swim 25 metres by the end of their primary years. In Year 4, children who are not at the required level attend weekly swimming lessons at Pontefract Swimming Baths.


Our curriculum for computing has been developed to equip children with the foundational skills, knowledge and understanding of computing they will need for the rest of their lives. Through the computing curriculum, they learn how computers and computer systems work; they design and build programs, develop their ideas using technology and create a range of content. Computing is taught as a discreet subject in order to expose children to language used in programming and computer science. Where possible, we try to make cross curricular links so children are taught researching, formatting and word processing skills.



Children learn French in KS2. As well as learning to read, speak, listen to and write in French, children also learn about the culture and customs in France and compare it to their own.



Our aim is to ensure that all our pupils become caring, concerned citizens. As well as this being embedded in the way that staff and children interact, we also consolidate this through regular themed assemblies and themed weeks and days. Making links explicit across the curriculum, we give our children the skills and confidence to make a positive contribution to their communities. We explore British values and learn about how our society works so they can take their full part in it.


Relationship and Sex Education

As an academy, we believe for Sex and Relationship Education to be effective, it needs to start early so that children learn to talk about feelings and relationships and are prepared for puberty before it happens to them. We feel it is vitally important that children learn about the safety and risks in relationships. Where appropriate, we also seek advice and support from medical professionals.