Every pupil in this Academy has an entitlement to fulfil their potential. All pupils have the right to a broad, balance and progressive curriculum, which engages them and prepares them for the future. At The Vale we provide these opportunities; not only through our core values of learning, but also through the teaching and experiences of the wider curriculum.

Core Values


  • Oracy’ refers to the development of pupils’ ability to use speech to express their thoughts and communicate effectively. These skills can be developed throughout all areas of the curriculum.



  • Reading is taught through the Delta Reading Strategy. The aim of this strategy is to ensure that all pupils access age-appropriate, challenging texts, which are rich in vocabulary. This allows a focus on comprehension skills and develop ‘depth’ in pupil’s response to their reading.



  • Writing provides opportunities for pupils to develop their knowledge of, and apply the skills taught with regards to spelling, punctuation, grammar, vocabulary and composition. These opportunities will often link to reading and the wider curriculum to engage and motivate pupils in writing, while providing them with a specific audience and purpose.



  • Maths is taught using a same day intervention (SDI) approach. This allows the development of fluency, reasoning and problem solving skills in maths. A core principle of this approach is that it allows for ‘personalised learning’, ensuring each individual is challenged and supported at an appropriate level to them.


Wider Curriculum


  • The Vale curriculum is designed to engage and ignite a curiosity in all children in order to cultivate ambitious leaners, encouraging the development of independence and resilience for all children
  • Our long term plan provides all children with opportunities to immerse themselves in a wide range of themes covered during their time at the Academy. This is to develop children’s understanding of the ever changing world around them and the skills they will need to be successful as they progress in life
  • To enable all pupils a chance to explore and develop their individual talents through an innovative curriculum that is accessible and challenging to all



  • Each theme starts with a hook which ignites children’s curiosity and promotes discussion which allows children to choose the direction their learning takes
  • Teachers check children’s understanding, identify and address misconceptions through adapting their teaching
  • Content is taught through a multi-sensory approach so that children are fully immersed and all learning styles are catered for to support consolidation of content. This will be reflected within the learning environment
  • Teachers deliver a holistic curriculum by using a wide range of resources including: artefacts, ICT, books, educational visits and experts within a specific field, as well as quality first teaching, to deliver a whole school coherently planned curriculum
  • Reading is taught through whole class reading with separate fluency sessions, with maths and writing also being taught as whole class sessions also. The application of skills learnt can be seen through the wider curriculum


  • Children leave the Academy with a host of skills which will prepare and enable them to succeed in the next phase of their education as well as life
  • Children will have in-depth knowledge that makes them well-rounded members of society, being able to: relate and empathise, be kind and considerate, have self-awareness of others; understand their part in society and have high aspirations and want to inspire others
  • Children will be successful across the curriculum and foster passion for a variety of interests