Curriculum Overview

Curriculum Intent

Our curriculum has been designed in three layers to provide pupils with a wide range of opportunities to develop as aspirational life-long learners, able to take their place as active citizens in an ever changing world.

Oracy underpins our work across the curriculum as pupils develop the skills to reason, discuss, debate and present their learning in a variety of contexts with increasing skill and confidence.

‘Our place in time’

The lessons I learn now, from the people in the past, will inspire me to be someone extraordinary in the future

A leader, an astronaut, a civil rights activist, an explorer, a mathematician, an architect, an artist, a politician, a teacher, a doctor, a scientist, a conservationist, a CEO.

At The Vale Primary Academy, we are committed to providing a curriculum that provides our children with knowledge and skills across all primary subjects, with the aim of ensuring pupils are ready for the next stage of their lives.

Our curriculum is underpinned by our values of:

  • Respect
  • Excellence
  • Compassion
  • Aspire
  • Pride

Core Learning

There is an emphasis on reading and writing throughout our curriculum, with phonics, maths, science and RE being taught discretely, making cross-curricular links where appropriate. We ensure the effectiveness, and demonstrate impact of our core learning, through rigorous assessment model.

Each Inquiry is led by a Guiding Question, underpinned by key questions, which are used to give children the opportunity to use critical thinking skills while working towards their written outcome and celebration to answer the question.

Hooks are used to launch each guiding question and celebrations are used to conclude each.

Anchor texts are used to engage children in their learning across the curriculum, giving all children access to high quality texts to promote a love of reading. We do this by ensuring that core learning is embedded throughout our curriculum, providing pupils with opportunities to practice and refine the skills they have been taught across a range of contexts.

The skills, knowledge and conceptual understanding taught in each Inquiry, build over time and are supportive of each other. 

The progression of this Core Learning is systematically planned across the school from EYFS to Year 6 to ensure that children can make the links across year groups and subjects. 

To assist with this, staff and children use inquiry-specific Knowledge Organisers to outline the content expectations and vocabulary progression.  The use of iterative and interleaving assessment ensures knowledge retention over time, culminating in children being able to make links and draw on knowledge to articulate what they have learnt.

Life Skills

Children at The Vale Academy, leave school with the skills to support them with lifelong learning to ensure they can access wider opportunities in their future lives. Our goal is for them to be employable members of the community, who will make valuable contributions to society.  Our children will be challenged, in an environment where they feel safe, and where any mistakes are viewed as part of their learning journey to build resilience and grit.

The Golden Thread

The Golden Thread are delivered through other curriculum areas this allows teachers to incorporate many aspects of SMSC into their teaching. These questions provide opportunities for children and their teachers to discuss aspects of SMSC such as different cultures and beliefs within the community, modern British Values, the world we live in and identifying right and wrong. Most importantly, it gives the children of The Vale an opportunity to be responsible, independent, and invested citizens in the world that they will grow up in.

Service beyond ourselves

Our curriculum encompasses fieldwork with the expectation that our children will work within, and be, active members of the community. This is embraced and encouraged by members of our governing body, who work with our staff to plan community projects. Our celebrations and end outcomes are designed to work with, and support the wider community, including fund raising and working with local projects and businesses. In doing this, we are creating future global citizens, who will be equipped for the challenges and opportunities of life, in a fast-changing and interdependent world.

The Academic Layer
The Personal Development Layer
The Enrichment Layer
Year Group Long Term Plans