Year 2

We are The Year 2 Dream Team!       

Information for parents

P.E is on Tuesdays, please make sure children have indoor AND outdoor kit as we will always try to go outside where possible. 

Reading books: These are changed on a Tuesday by Mrs Brown, even if your child hd read the book after one day, try to question them on understanding or ask what different words mean as they keep it for the full week.

Spellings: Spellings will be given out on a Friday and spelling tests will be on a Friday. 

Homework: Maths homework will be given out on a Friday and children can choose one thing to do from the Challenge C homework sheet to do each week. This is to be in the following Friday. 

The adults in our classroom are            

Miss Smith - Class teacher

Mrs Brown - Teaching assistant

Week 4

This week has been a very busy week for children in year 2! In challenge X we have had the chance to use library books to research all the different animals that are native to Australia! 

Writing- This week we have been using conjunctions to extend our sentences about Mr Twit. The children have come up with some super sentences to describe Mr Twit and some of their work has gone up on display!

Maths-We have been very active in maths this week! We have started looking at number lines and estimating where a number would fall on a blank number line. We even got to use chalk to draw our very own number lines in the play ground, which the children enjoyed very much!

Reading-We are still working on 'The Tunnel' and have been working on how to select and retrieve specfic information from the text. 

Week 3

The children have been extremely busy this week in challenge X after researching Aboriginal artwork and having a go at their very own dot paintings. They also researched ANZAC day and after finding out that poppies were a symbol of rememberance for all the fallen soldiers, they had a go at makin their own!

Writing- The children were introduced to the amazingly awful Twits this week. They applied their knowledge of adjectives in the descriptive sentences they have written about Mr Twit.

Maths- The children have moved in to place value and have been ordering and comparing numbers. REMEMBER- The greedy crocdile ALWAYS eats the biggest number!

Reading- The children have been delving deeper into ’The Tunnel’ and have been focusing on making predictions about what the consequences could be of the boy going into the tunnel.

Year 2 also won 'LUNCHTIME CLASS OF THE WEEK' this week for their excellent behaviour and manners in the dinner hall. Keep up the brilliant work!

Week 2

This week  another brilliant week full of effort and hard work from our year 2’s! Thursday saw Roald Dahl day where the children dressed up as characters from the famous author’s books- we had some amazingly creative outfits but Blake was voted for best dressed as Fantatic Mr Fox!

Writing- The children continued writing their sentences to describe a setting from the BFG but this time using interesting verbs.

Maths- The children have moved on to place value and have been trying to find out how much a number is worth by splitting it into its tens and ones.

Reading- The children have been carrying on reading ’The Tunnel’ and have been focusing on making predictions about what is going to happen in the book and exploring how characters are feeling.  

Week 1

Year 2 have been absolutely amazing this first week back! They have impressed me so much with their manners, behaviour and work ethic. I can't wait to get to know everybody better and see what the year brings.

Writing- This week in our class we have been working on descrbing a setting from The BFG. I have heard some FABULOUS sentences from our years 2's, using adjectives to describe the nouns that they picked out themselves!

Maths- This week we have been going over our 2 times tables, and working on our 5 and 3 times tables. I have seen some super neat work in books, which is fantastic and meant that I had to give out lots of green points!

Reading- We have started readin 'The Tunnel' by Anthony Browne, which the children have really enjoyed talking about and using their prediction and comprehension skills.

Behaviour- ALL of our year 2 children have stayed on green this week!!! That means that all of our children are still EVERGREEN and will have a chance to win the treat at the end of half term.

I have really enjoyed my first week with Year 2, lets see if next week can be even better!

Homework and spellings was given out today and should be back in by next Thursday.