Just as children are laying the foundations for a life of learning and rich experience, they are also taking early steps towards a healthy mind and body. This is where food plays an essential role.

Our catering providers bring the fun and excitement of food to our youngest children. Colours, textures and taste are there to be explored and enjoyed. There is always something on the menu for each child to enjoy.

Our providers supply nutritious and balanced meals with varying menus which change each term. We strive to provide tasty and nutritious meals whilst impacting the environment as little as possible.

Our kitchens minimise the use of single-use plastics in the storage, perperation and serving of food.

Drinking water is freely available and children are encouraged to bring in reusable bottles.

Alongside the work we do to reduce single-use plastics across the business, we also recycle our food waste into green energy through ReFood.

School meals should be ordered and paid for in advance through Parent Pay. If no choice is made, and your child is on our list for receiving school meals, then a meal will be order on their behalf automatically by the office. No choice will be made within the classroom by your child.

If you wish to transition between school meals and packed lunches the office and kitchen request a two week notice period. To make this request please contact the school office.

Our current menu can be seen below.

Week OneButchers Sausage & Mash

Tomato & Basil Pasta

Jacket Potato

Corned Beef Sandwich
Meatballs & Tomato Sauce

Potato Skins with cheese & Chive

Jacket Potato

Tuna Crunch Sandwich (With peppers and cucumber)
Roast Chicken Fillet & Stuffing

Veg and mixed bean rice salad

Jacket Potato

Jam Sandwich
Chicken Fajita

Quorn Bolognese and pasta

Jacket Potato

Cheese Sandwich
Golden Fish Nuggets

Vegetable Stir Fry

Jacket Potato

BBQ Chicken and sweetcorn Sandwich  
Week TwoChicken Burger in a Bun

Mediterranean Veg Cous Cous

Jacket Potato

Cheese Sandwich
Cheese & Tomato French Bread Pizza

Vegetarian Burger

Jacket Potato

Sausage Roll 
Roast Pork with Stuffing

Vegetarian Sausages and Stuffing

Jacket Potato

Tuna & Sweetcorn Sandwich
Pasta & Bolognese

Cheese & Tomato Quiche

Jacket Potato

Pulled Pork Sandwich 
Fish and Chip Friday

Red Lentil Curry & Rice

Jacket Potato

Coronation Chicken Sandwich
Week ThreeBeef Burger in a Bun

Cheese & Tomato Pasta Bake

Jacket Potato

Tuna and Cucumber Sandwich
Savoury Mince Pie

Five Bean Chilli & Rice

Jacket Potato

Cheese Sandwich
Roast Gammon & Pineapple

Vegetable Bake

Jacket Potato

Jam Sandwich
Mild Chicken Curry

Vegetable Spring Rolls

Jacket Potato

Ham Sandwich
Fishcakes & Chips

Quorn Sausage

Jacket Potato

Home-made Yorkshire Pasty
There may be times this menu is needed to be altered.
If there are any changes needed we will endeavour to notify parents/carers as soon as possible.