Music at our academy engages, inspires and challenges pupils. It equips them with the knowledge and skills to appraise, perform, compose and record their musical experiences.

Our children receive a musical education which is second to none and every child leaves The Vale Primary Academy a musician having had learned one of the three instruments we offer.

We chose to work with Wakefield Music Service because we believe that every child has the right to an exceptional musical education, to be able to identify themselves as a musician and learn the wide range of transferable skills which are developed through learning an instrument. We know that our children will leave The Vale Primary Academy confident musicians with the ability to concentrate for sustained periods of time; children who understand how to work collaboratively, valuing the part that each individual plays; learners who understand the value of persistence and striving for accuracy; young people, who are musicians and who can be proud of their standing amongst their peers.

At The Vale Primary Academy, we deeply understand the role that music can play in uniting a community by enabling us to join together in a shared appreciation of music and performance.  We feel so fortunate to be able to come together, children, parents and staff, to enjoy and participate in music making.

Reception, Year 1 and Year 2


Year 3 and Year 4


Year 5 and Year 6